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SARTHI ventured into its fourth focus area when the world was reeling under the Covid 19 pandemic to spread awareness about mental health. To promote mental, spiritual and emotional health and wellbeing and to form a chain of aware and high-spirited people, SARTHI launched 'REvolve 2021 ', a week-long series of online sessions on topics like Covid anxiety, grief, spirituality, mental health of women, myths about mental health, impact of social media on mental health and so on.


On World Mental Health Day 2021, SARTHI organised 'March For Mental Health 2021' to de-stigmatise the topic, end the stigma around it and promote help-seeking behaviour. The event was organised in Karnal, Jaipur and Delhi which was joined by more than 400 youths. District Mental Health Programme also collaborated to organise the event in Karnal. 

Project Mental Health aims at normalising mental health and creating a healthy society through awareness and advocacy.