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Updated: Jul 7, 2021


Again Feeling the pain,

The heart that cries,

The Feeling seems to be dying.

Things never Go the way you want,

These tears will help you neither.

You feel left, you feel broken,

Its not always good to have a forgery companion.

Shedding tears is more a way,

Have belief and just pray.

You are inspiring, you are the Star,

Shine on your own

Good days are Not so far.

Now its not again,

Nothing will always be same.

Time goes and so everything,

You are there with yourself,

And you must be…..!

Nandini Saxena is a 20 year old girl carrying a heart too soft and mind too strong with a sensitive and lost Soul, looking for answers while cherishing the words.

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1 Comment

vinay jaiswal
vinay jaiswal
Jul 16, 2021


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