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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

I am fine,

Said this to my Mom,

She knows whom I got these hiding techniques from.

She gets to know everything,

Without even me telling,

Came to room and closed the door,

She hugged, made me ensure.

I broke down to tears,

Having in my mind soo much of fear,

She patted on my head,

Saying no one deserves to make me this sad.

Why Mother's are soo pure,

Whatever problem, they are always there to cure.

Never let her go through something Traumatic,

Mom's only deserves to be ecstatic.

She is my treasure-trove

And the dispenser of unconditional Love .

Nandini Saxena is a 20 year old girl carrying a heart too soft and mind too strong with a sensitive and lost Soul, looking for answers while cherishing the words.

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