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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Today we choose Joy,

As our Feelings are Not a toy,

No more tears in our eyes,

To the sorrows now we bid our byes.

Today we choose Joy,

And this idleness will soon cloy,

No more loneliness in our mind,

Neither it's important for us to find.

Today we choose Joy,

Be strong, anyone can be a decoy,

We should never be fragile,

We have our precious Smile.

Today we choose Joy,

No one's there to destroy,

We are ready to slay and rise,

Time for us to Touch the skies.

Today we choose Joy,

All set to live Life and Enjoy.

Nandini Saxena is a 20 year old girl carrying a heart too soft and mind too strong with a sensitive and lost Soul, looking for answers while cherishing the words.

Blessed | Thankful | Focused.

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