Sarthi was founded in 1992 by Mihir Banerjee and Maha Singh Punia in Village Ponti District Jagadhari, Haryana, as part of their Master of Social Work education. The Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) was registered in 1997 under the Societies Registration Act, Section XXI of 1860. Sarthi started off with providing social services such as organising health camps, distributing stationary to poor students, legal awareness camps and started a stitching school at Village Ponti. Later, it picked up the cause of female foeticide in 2004, climate change in 2009, youth development in 2013, and finally collaborated for community development in Village Darar, Haryana in 2018. 



Sarthi is a non-governmental organisation that strives to build a society where empowered and educated youth improve their and others' lives and work towards forging a bond between humankind and the environment. Female foeticide, climate change and rural development further remain its core focus areas.


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We believe youth is the backbone of a country and possesses immense untapped potential. If youth is educated and aware, they can ask the right questions, be more socially responsible and productive and can take their country forward in the right direction through leadership, constructive strategies and awareness. Youth is also energetic and can influence change and mobilise public for a good cause.


To empower, educate and aware masses regarding social challenges to make a more just and self-reliant society.