Ananya Banerjee, 18

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A young social activist, mental health advocate, social entrepreneur and a student, Ananya is also the Co-Founder of Sushiksha and had been our Brand Ambassador. She has interned with various organisations, attends Dexterity Global School and carries years of experience in the field, having led campaigns herself. 


Sanjoli Banerjee, 22

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An ANU Graduate, MSW student, Founder Sushiksha, talkshow host, one-day Senator at Australian Parliament, recipient of various national and international awards, Diana Award Recipient 2021, and the youngest social activist in India (2007).

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Ann Mary Jimmy,

Campaign Head

Ms Ann is studying an MSW at Christ, Bengaluru, carries 5+ years of work experience in the IT sector and loves backpacking. She heads our 'Save Environment' campaign.

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Rimpa Budhiraja,

Campaign Head

An Engineering Graduate and now working as a senior software developer with overall 10 years of experience in IT, Ms Rimpa was a student volunteer with SARTHI in her school and now heading the 'Save Environment' campaign.


Gagan Banerjee,

Chief Advisor

An educator and a social activist, Mrs Gagan is a strong advocate of climate action. She is a strong believer of empowerment of women and launched a skill development centre at Village Darar.


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Akanksha K Daimari,

Digital Manager

First year History Honours student at Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University, Ms Akanksha is highly enthusiastic about changemaking.


Anmol Singh Virk,

Social Media Manager

An International Business student at Amity University, Anmol is passionate about education for all and digital marketing.

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Bhavya Batra,

Marketing Manager

First Year Psychology (Hons.) student at Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, Ms Bhavya is an avid graphics designer.

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Nandini Satija,

Content Writer

Second year Bachelor of Arts (Hons) student at Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University, Ms Nandini loves writing and holds experience with various organisations.

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Purnima Kharbanda,

Social Media Manager

Ms Purnima is a recent high school graduate from STCS and an aspiring lawyer.

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Paarvathi Manoj,

Campaign Coordinator

Final year MSW student at CHRIST and a scientist by education and passion, Ms Paarvathi is passionate about change-making and runs her own projects for community service in Bangalore

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Shivangi Dhillon,

Campaign Coordinator

First Year Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) student at Chandigarh, Ms Shivangi heads our 'Save Daughters' Campaign.

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Vasu Kamboj,

Campaign Coordinator

A First Year Bachelor of Technology student at Chitkara University, Mr Vasu is keen about content writing and managing teams. 


Maha Singh Punia,

A teacher and social worker by profession


Mihir Banerjee,

Co- Founder

An educator, social activist and advocate, Mr Banerjee launched the 'Save Daughters' Campaign and headed it for over 20 years.