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Old world, new crisis!

'I hope you are keeping well’ is something I have been recently texting to everyone on my contact list. But I am not even sure if anyone would like to share that they are disease free but still do not feel well or maybe we are not sure what it means to be well. I think it would be satisfying to discover that it is not with you only but each one, maybe some are silent about it while others might not be able to figure out what exactly is going on. Blaming the times for the fuss could be more convincing.

Although the situation remains constant for the world, still our responses vary because of our perception, ability to control external situations and our own past experiences. I think, all of us have a day where we don’t even know what we did, or maybe we were busy for a long time and still had the worst productivity. But isn’t that okay if we let one day or maybe a few just pass or just lessen internal pressure and unrealistic expectations from ourselves? Each time we pick phones or watch news, we get swayed by harsh facts and figures and enter a worrying zone. It might be difficult to accept that this is the world beyond our walls and none can escape it rather has to live with it. In fact, I can list endless events happening in the world during these times that just don’t feel right because we have been lively and productive all these years and have never been taught that it is okay to be clueless and confused and that it is not mad to feel hopeless. And reaching out for professional help can prove to be the right decision instead of waiting for the things to worsen. And finally, all we need is just a way to fix all of it, before we get tired of ourselves and the world. Therefore, we can put an extra effort to promote and prioritise our mental and physical well-being instead of directing efforts to do more tasks and exhaust the exhausted body.

Many times we know all tricks and tips but have a real tough time executing our plans and feel guilty of not being able to. We might be able to help others get out of mess but applying the same tips in our lives becomes near to impossible. For that, having short and practical goals can boost our self esteem and help us be a step closer to a desirable lifestyle.There is a possibility that we have people around us but still we eel isolated and alienated. In fact, presence of people and presence of emotional support might not be antagonistic but certainly are not synonymous. People with friends and folks can socialise virtually and have intangible support. But what about the introverts or those who just don't have any friends? Being there is not easy but definitely, venting out emotion through any means can help.

Maybe cultivating a new habit, trying grounding activity, indulging in a fun activity or just writing or recording the feelings. It is not unique to get lost in thoughts and the mind gets blocked with all random stuff of past horrors or future apprehensions. What about those situations when we feel helpless and everything just goes out of control? Going through it, and telling yourself to meditate or learn a new skill would be the same as asking a person who just met with an accident to workout for better health. There are situation specific things and trying to help others by giving advice might not really work because to help at ground level requires stepping into the shoes of the person, seeing through his or her lenses and finally being empathetic, not sympathetic.

The fake positivity or preachy lessons might worsen the condition because he or she can’t even move a step but the advice tells them to run a marathon. And all that gap brings is embarrassment and disgust. So what do we do? All we can do it first of all is take care of oneself to be able to help others. Reminding ourselves of some healthy practices, monitoring our thoughts and behaviour and taking baby steps for betterment can work great wonders. Asking someone if they are fine and extending a non-judgmental hand to listen actively can be enough. After all, all we need in a person whom we can confide in and get validation for our thoughts with no suggestions at last.

Ananya Banerjee, 17,
Student, Social activist

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